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Sex education doesn’t start at 6th, 9th or 11th grade.  Comprehensive sexuality education is a life long process.  Teen are not being shielded from sexual messages from their peers, their media or society;  so why shield them in schools?  Age appropriate sex ed K-12 would ensure that 100% of teens get the information they need to make the best sexual decisions for THEMSELVES.

Parents are failing children in this department. Plain and simple. We are so fucked up about sex and we are failing the youth in teaching them the vital information.

This is why Planned Parenthood’s sexual education should be put in all schools. Evidence based comprehensive sex education needs to be implemented. Not to mention there should be counseling available as well so students can ask questions about sex without the mitigated guilt and shame that parents often indoctrinate into their kids.




my life’s work

mmm mah partner’s working outside digging shit with dirty jeans and gloves on mmmmm yeahhhhhhhh


does anyone on here heard of anime (japanese cartoons)


i found the only side of youtube worth going on


i found the only side of youtube worth going on


So I decided to make a rebloggable version of my creepypasta recommendations/favourites page under the cut ( *´ ω`*)

If anyone would like a version of this list with content warnings for each link please let me know!!

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i just found out about battlestar galactica thanks to bruni (worthawound) and i am going to watch the shit out of it spring break here i come

it’s been sO LONG since my life was enriched with sci-fi

and no, not the giant man-eating lizards kinds that is on the sy fy channel 

i don’t have tIME TO REBLOG THINGS RIGHT NO W i have tons and tons of impractical information to read and gather

the curse of teh ravencla w

wow the current state of this blog is all just “goddammit racism/sexism” (which tumblr is a good place to let out frustrations but yaknow)

when i spend 99.5% of the time reading stuff about DIY projects or looking at food recipes lawl

i wanna post all the stuff about that too but i don’t even know where to start. all i do is sit around reading about chemical compositions/research abstracts of plant oils and clays and looking at pretty pictures of soap ugh 

and i have a ton of pictures on my partner’s phone of food and i want to put some recipes on here but i am so goddamn lazy to send them to the internet and write shit out and wow is it possible for a human being to be this laze

/FOREVER ravenclaw gathering information forever without any practical applications of said info

nangke said: Good luck! (And next time, don’t do that to yourself!!)

thank youuu ;w;

i actually do this every week :’D i gave up reading and doing them like an honest human being after the 3rd week

faster internet FASTER

40 minutes left to do my entire week’s worth of astronomy homework

time to GOOGLE

Top 5 yaoi anatomies
high school

The more I think about high school and the things I have learned there, the more angrier I get about that place. It was just so full of racists and privileged rich people and so much anti-socialism/communism and ugh. So much misinformation. I only remember a few redeeming people there.

Of several things, this one teacher gave me a C on my speech because I said everyone should have access to health care in America and I was also wearing rainbow things for Day of Silence. She was watching me with pursed lips the whole time I was giving it and she didn’t even bother telling me why I received a C. I thought I did a pretty god job for a high schooler.

This other teacher pitted me and this other Asian girl against the whole class full of white kids during class discussion and it was just really fucking shitty and othering thing to do.

My health/sex education teacher gave me a 30 minute talk (literally) about how I should follow this “moral compass” when I asked her what my friend should do because she was bleeding a lot and was in a lot of pain for a while now after her boyfriend penetrated her. I was so frustrated with her because she gave me no practical advice or anything and kept treating me like I was the one who was going around having sex and I was being immoral..

Also, I had a chemistry teacher who could never tell me apart from this one other Asian girl in her class. I would always get the other student’s paper and she would call me by her name and it was just really lame. She would put me on the table that she put the kids she thought were “slow”/”needed help”/delinquents of the class. One day I went into ask for help about something and she yelled at me in front of my friends and a whole class for an entire 15 minute period, all this stuff about how irresponsible and stupid and lazy i am or whatever i don’t even remember, i was trying so hard not to cry.

Then she tried to get me expelled from school by calling all of my teachers and the school principals down into a meeting on the basis of nothing other than that I was struggling with my grades. It was fucking humiliating and horrible considering that I was only a teenager dealing with depression/constant suicidal thoughts & PTSD from being sexually abused/harrassed all the time and my best friend of over a decade just fucking died in a car crash (which the whole school knew by then) and I was trying hard to navigate the complicated American medical system without insurance for my mom who just had a kidney failure all by my fucking self. My other teachers had to give their word to the principals that I was a good kid. The vice principal was really nice to me though. 

If I had to lose my high school education as well because of some asshole racist teacher I don’t know what I would’ve done and where I would be now. 

I’m not gonna even say what kinds of things boys said to me in high school. I was so alien to them all through elementary, middle, and high school, and they would always look at me so weirdly and most of the time talk about me/to me in fetishizing and humiliating ways.

I think of my friends or some other kids who went to high school at the same time as me a lot. And I wonder if they have mostly rosy memories to remember their time there by. 

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