Telepathic Communication Between Hobos
Your character has become a fan favorite. How does that feel?

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get to know me: [2/5] favorite actors
Norman Reedus


TWD Fox Japan promo outtakes: During the shooting, Andrew and Norman caught each other’s eyes and couldn’t help laughing. [x]

"The Walking Dead" Cast’s Zombie Survival Kits Are Totally Badass - BuzzFeed

Reedus says he’d bring chocolate bars, South Park episodes, and a bottle of Jack. He also says, ”I’d shove my cat in the bag. That’s pretty much it. That’s what I live off of already.’”

norman omg

and i just love how they list him last like the fucking punchline to a joke


norman will be on your dash because make out session.

continue your day, people.

always fuckign reblog norman reedus making out with alan rickman because omg

when i become a famous director and finally get to meet norman reedus

i think the first thing i’ll say to him is “shut up”

and knowing that little fucker i think he’ll even understand what i mean by it

and then he’ll proceed to laugh in my face


I’m fucking done with him. 


it used to be the show that gave me gray hair too

but now it’s just you, you bastard

The Walking Dead Season 4 Character Posters - Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead Season 4 Character Posters - Daryl Dixon

never forget

never forget

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